with Lotte 

Psycho Sexual Therapy is a type of talking therapy that is designed to help individuals and couples address medical, psychological, personal, and/or interpersonal factors impacting on sexual satisfaction. In this therapy we explore sexual issues and the impact these may have on your life and relationships either individually or with your partner. I will support you in exploring your sexuality and help you to develop a more conscious sexual self-esteem and enjoyment of your sexuality.

It might be that your sexual satisfaction and relationships are impacted due previous sexual trauma. I completed specialised training  (CPD) with The Centre for Psycho-Sexual Health and trained in EMDR to support you with processing these memories and events. 

I offer Psycho Sexual Psychotherapy for both individuals and couples. 

Relationship Therapy (or couples therapy) offers a space for you to explore and understand relationship struggles such as:

  • Problems arising from a change in life circumstances (such as having children, employment changes or ageing).

  • The feeling that you have ‘drifted apart’, and no longer talk like you used to

  • Lack of intimacy, connection and/or sex

  • Frequent bickering, arguing, difficulty handling conflict

  • Difficulties around jealousy and trusting each other; recovering from affairs; or help with exploring other romantic arrangements.


Price per session Peckham: £80- £110,-       (couples from £100,-)

Price per session Fitzrovia: £110-£140,         (couples from £120,-)

For a study I am doing we are looking for a couple who would like to engage in regular weekly Sex and Relationship Therapy where Art Psychotherapy is integrated as part of the work. If you are interested in this and would like to find out more please get in touch