Psycho Sexual
with Lotte

Psycho Sexual Therapy is a type of talking therapy that is designed to help individuals and couples address medical, psychological, personal, and/or interpersonal factors impacting on sexual satisfaction. In this therapy we explore sexual issues and the impact these may have on your life and relationships either individually or with your partner. I will support you in exploring your sexuality and help you to develop a more conscious sexual self-esteem and enjoyment of your sexuality.

It might be that your sexual satisfaction and relationships are impacted due previous sexual trauma. I completed specialised training  (CPD) with The Centre for Psycho-Sexual Health and trained in EMDR to support you with processing these memories and events. 

I offer Psycho Sexual Psychotherapy for both individuals and couples. 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to my current training in Integrative Psycho Sexual Psychotherapy I am offering reduced rates of £75,- per session for individuals in Peckham and £85 in Fitzrovia.
and £80 for couples in Peckham and £95 for couples in Fitzrovia -  please contact me to discuss the options.