Couples Therapy
with Lotte 

Couples Therapy offers a space for you to explore and understand relationship struggles such as:

  • Problems arising from a change in life circumstances (such as having children, employment changes or ageing).

  • The feeling that you have ‘drifted apart’, and no longer talk like you used to

  • Lack of intimacy, connection and/or sex

  • Frequent bickering, arguing, difficulty handling conflict

  • Difficulties around jealousy and trusting each other; recovering from affairs; or help with exploring other romantic arrangements.

The couples therapy I offer is informed by attachment theory and offers a person-centred approach. I support you in learning and practice new communication and conflict resolution skills, with a view to make your relationships more healthy and satisfying. If a relationship cannot be saved, I can provide help with managing separating in the best way for all concerned.

Who would benefit from this type of therapy?

Clients experiencing any kind of relationship worries.  Some couples come when their relationship is in crisis; others, to maintain good relationship health.

Due to my current training in integrative Psycho Sexual and Relationship Therapy I am offering reduced rates of £80  for couples in Peckham and £95 in Fitzrovia  -  please contact me to discuss this option.