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with Josephine, Jessica or Lotte  

Art Psychotherapy is an analytical form of psychotherapy in which we use images as a mode of expression and communication. Within this context, images are not used as diagnostic tool but as a medium to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing that are impacting on your well being, sense of self and relationships. We often hold experiences in our minds through images and mental pictures, whether this is conscious or unconscious. Some of these can be pictures of events that have been disturbing, unsafe or challenging in any way. In a therapy session we will work with these images to understand yourself in relation to others



I am currently fully booked for Art Psychotherapy sessions but you can book with Josephine or Jessica (online only). Josephine also offers Clinical Supervision - please visit her website here.

 Josephine Burke - Art Psychotherapist - Parenting Support Consultant - Clinical Supervisor 

I am a fully qualified Art Therapist registered with HCPC.

I provide evidence-based therapeutic services for children, families and adults through art psychotherapy, VIPP-SD (Video feedback Interaction to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline) and the Incredible Years Parenting Programme.

I also offer a consultation service to professionals who are concerned about an individual. I run CPD/short courses and presentations in settings such as schools and nurseries (INSET), child care settings, health and social care providers and organisations 

  • general mental health for adults, parents and children;

  • managing difficult behaviour;

  • attachment; inclusion,

  • under 5s emotional wellbeing;

  • team building and reflective practice.

  • I can develop bespoke programmes for individual settings based on their need. 

I am based in Stroud and I can offer remote options.


I love being a therapist as I am interested in people and how each individual experiences the world around them in their unique way. I aim to help people find their strengths and that we learn from each other. I believe that we all hold these varied and fascinating views as individuals, to make a diverse and brilliant world. 

In this day and age, parents are often isolated and under-supported, and often feel like they are being 'bad parents'. I provide support that adults need to be the parents they want to be, rather than feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

I also consult with educational and childcare settings to enhance the work they do and understanding of what infants, children and young people need to be happy. It is our self esteem and happiness that leads to true success in relationships, learning and well-being.

Sessions are charged on a sliding scale from £65-£95


Email Josephine or visit her website. 

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Jessica Cooper - Art Psychotherapist

As a qualified Art Psychotherapist registered with HCPC Jessica hopes to be able to improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing. She believes that it is important to find the right therapist for you. It should be someone that you trust and 'click with'. During the free consultation she will always answer your questions honestly and help you in deciding if Art Psychotherapy is right for you.  In a session Jessica is looking for connection, not perfection. You do not need to be 'good' at art and all art making is judgement free. It is also common to have sessions where you just talk or just make art. In response to the pandemic we are currently working online which means that sessions are safe and accessible. 


Jessica responds to your challenges intuitively and resourcefully. Her approach is based on traditional Psychodynamic Theory and Jungian Analytic Theory. She hope to connect in a professional therapeutic relationship in which we discuss emotional/psychological blocks with a sense of curiosity and use art a tool to provide insight into issues which have brought you to therapy. Whilst Jessica draws upon different theory she encourages a flexibility in meeting a clients needs. Each therapy session is unique and underpinning her approach is a commitment to therapeutic change within the Art Psychotherapy triangle of Art, Client Therapist. Jessica is experienced in working with children, families and adults. She also has specialist experience of working with people with complex learning difficulties.

Sessions online are charged at £70,-

Email Jessica or visit her website.